Training EMAP: how do I pack cut vegetables and fruit?

In this training we extensively talk about packing cut vegetables and fruit, from the point of view of the product (e.g. respiration speed), the packing material (e.g. respirating foils), the packing machine (e.g. flush techniques). Among others you may expect to get answers to the following questions:


  • What is the effect of the different processing steps on the initial quality of cut vegetables and fruit?
  • Which techniques are available to guarantee the optimal initial microbiological quality before the packing?
  • How can the respiration speed of cut vegetables and fruit be calculated?
  • How can the selection of the packing configuration be adapted to the respiration speed of cut vegetables and fruit?
  • Which packing materials and packing techniques are suitable for packing cut vegetables and fruit?

Besides theoretical insights, which are linked to the Industrial practice as much as possible, the participants are offered exercises that are solved during the training (e.g. calculation of oxygen permeability of foils based on the respiration speed of the product).


Trainers: An Vermeulen, Peter Ragaert and Frank Devlieghere


Faculty of Bio-Science Engineering
Coupure Links 653
9000 Ghent


October 18th, 2018
We welcome you at 9h and start at 9h30
Foreseen end: 16h


This training costs €500 (excl. VAT) for members and €750 (excl. VAT) for others. This price includes a sandwich lunch.

You can register here.

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