Training mineral oils in food: a migration problem?


  • Framework: why are mineral oils such a hot topic?
  • What are mineral oils and how do they get in our food?
  • Why do they look particularly towards (recycled) packages?
  • Which foods run a higher risk?
  • Which strategies can we use against contamination with mineral oils?
  • Are there commercial solutions available, and how efficient are they?
  • Current research: functional barriers in research project OptiBarrier


The training is given by An Vermeulen and prof. Bruno De Meulenaer.

We start with a sandwich lunch (included) at 12h30 and begin the training at 13h. We finish around 16h30.

The training takes place at the faculty Bio-Engineering Sciences, Coupure Links 653, 9000 Ghent.

This training costs €300 for members and €450 for others, both excl. VAT.

Register here.

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