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Pack4Food is a consortium of 49 companies, the most important Flemish research centers active in the food-packaging interaction field and network organizations. Pack4Food aims to stimulate innovation in food-packaging, both at the food producer and at their suppliers (packaging producers, filling machine producers, ...), and also to support companies in their everyday packaging challenges.

OptiBarrier is the collective research project of Pack4Food where it searches the optimal barrier properties of packages for selected food. We assess the central question of too much versus not enough packaging from the gas, light and functional barrier.
Are you interested in calculating your optimal barrier and knowing the maximum durability? You can find out more about OptiBarrier here.

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In the last couple of years, Pack4Food has successfully completed several collective research projects whose results are widely disseminated. Additionally, Pack4Food also gives lectures on national and international seminars/workshops on various aspects of the food packaging topic.

Based on the results obtained during these projects, a software program that simulates the evolution of the oxygen content in the headspace of the packed foods, named PredOxyPack, was developed.