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Trends and developments as part of sustainable food packaging February 20, 2020 1 day
Packaging & shelf life of foods: possibilities of MAP postponed 1 day
Bioplastics as food packaging postponed 1/2 day, afternoon
Migration & food packaging postponed 1 day
Sorting & recycling food packaging postponed 1/2 day, afternoon
MOSH/MOAH October, 2020 1/2 day, afternoon
AIP December, 2020 1/2 day, afternoon

Migration of mineral oils: choosing between recycling and safety?

Mineral oils in our food is a delicate topic and the world looks with suspicion at the packaging industry. But, are packagings (made of recycled materials) the only source of mineral oils? How do you determine the amount of (migrated) mineral oil? And how can the foods be protected sufficiently?

Prolonged shelf life: packing under protective atmosphere

How can protective gasses prolong the shelf life of foods? What is the ideal gas ratio for my foods? How does a packaging material need to be adapted to MAP?

Bioplastics as packaging for foods

Which bioplastic packagings are available? Are bioplastics compatible with the existing packing machines? How do bioplastics fit within the sustainability policy of your company?

Migration: how can your packaging meet the regulations on food contact materials?

What is migration and which factors take part in this? What do the regulations about food contact materials and migration say? With numerous practical examples via case studies, both from plastics as from paper/cardboard.

the future of packaging: active and intelligent packaging

In half a day the latest trends and challenges of active and intelligent packaging are studied. Operating principles, pros and cons, ...

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Price reduction

All members profit from a price reduction for the trainings.

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  • Importance of packaging technology on food preservation.
  • Composition of packaging materials and their applications.
  • Filling systems for solid and/or liquid food products.
  • Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP)
  • How to combine sustainability of packaging materials with functionality?
  • Migration

Types of training

  • Company-specific training: these trainings are designed for the company and focus on one specific packaging subject (e.g. modified atmosphere packaging, packaging trends, sustainability, bio-plastics, migration)
  • Open trainings: these trainings are intended for a group of participants from different companies. Pack4Food cooperates with different organisation for these (IPV and IVPV).

The different research centers within Pack4Food also offer training: