VIS trajectory - Bio-based/renewable packaging for thermal applications

This subproject within the IWT-VIS trajectory "Sustainable and functional packaging" aims to increase the heat resistance of bio-based/renewable packaging.

Within the area of sustainable and functional packaging, there is a great demand from the industry for renewable packaging materials with heat-resistant properties. These can be produced from recycled and / or bio-based materials. This may however not compromise other functionalities such as gas barrier properties or sealability.

During a brainstorming session organized in the process of preparation of research projects on possible applications of bioplastics for food packaging it was concluded that besides MAP applications, also heat resistance of bioplastics gets a lot of attention from various stakeholders.

The goal of this research project is to provide companies with renewable packaging materials with the desired functionality for heat resistance and, if necessary, gas barrier properties. After completion of the project a review of which sustainable packaging materials (bioplastics and recycled materials) are optimal for specific foodstuffs will be provided. In addition to the inventory of existing heat-resistant materials, attempts to increase the heat resistance by the participating research centers will be made. In this project, case studies within the participating companies are planned in order to ensure that at the end of the project the performance of these materials can be assessed on industrial scale.

Involved research centers: UGent, HoGent, BVI and Verpakkingscentrum.

Start date: 1 september 2012

Duration: 3 jaar

Pack4Food contact person: or 09 264 99 30

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Reports: only available for the project members:

This research is part of the IWT-VIS trajectory "Sustainable and functional packaging materials", which in addition to this project on heat resistance deals with another two projects (project on optimalization of the seal and project on the establishment of GMP procedures for production of food packaging).

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