Webinar: Market Entry Support to India and the Indian IP Ecosystem

FoodPackLab 2.0 ‘Deep Tech-Packaging Partnership for Food Innovation’

Goal: Foster cross-border & cross-sectorial collaboration of clusters and business networks in the strategic field of food security with an internationalization focus on India & South Africa
Support European SMEs to access new global value chains & ensure their position as global leaders of innovation in targeted industries 4 different sectors: agriculture, food processing, packaging & deep tech, 7 partners in 5 European countries (Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy and Spain).

In light of EBTC’s mandate to promote and facilitate bilateral collaboration and given its role as Lead for Enterprise Europe Network in India, EBTC together with Enterprise Europe Network Flanders and Pack4Food/ Foodtechlab 2.0 (SECPHO) co-organise a focused virtual session for SMEs on ”Market Entry Support to India and the Indian IP Ecosystem, Food Technology Domain”.

The session will cover an overview of how EBTC is facilitating and promoting EU-India business support via its various engagements. Further, the information about the Indian IP ecosystem and the role of Europe-India IP Forum as a platform to acquire knowledge regarding the Indian market will be shared. Along with that, an overview of specific requirements of the Indian IP system in the food technology sector will also be presented and can be discussed with the experts.

The session aims to:

-Provide insights on the Indian market and available business support
-Shed light on key aspects of the Indian IP ecosystem
-Help businesses to assess their readiness for the Indian market
-Touch upon challenges faced by the businesses while creating, developing, filing IP and consequently commercializing technologies in food tech sector
-Provide an overview of role of Europe-India IP Forum in promoting Europe-India collaborations

Participants: Foodtechlab 2.0 network

Full agenda and registration: website FoodPackLab

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